• Image of Your Dead Will Rise: Moving from Disillusionment to Divine Destiny - Peter Dresser

Most people experience disappointment when something or someone is not what they had hoped it or them to be. If one doesn’t deal with disillusionment appropriately, it will promote depression, breed stoicism, shut down creativity, fester bitterness or foster negative expectations of the future.

When Isaiah struggled with disillusionment over the downfall of his nation, God spoke these words to the ancient prophet in Isaiah 26:19: “Your dead shall live -- together with My dead body they shall arise.” This all-powerful truth moved Isaiah from the destructive state of depression to overcoming faith. "Your Dead Will Rise" will do the same for the 21st century believer who is deeply disappointed with their own fallenness or the failure of others. Easy-to-read chapters guide readers enter into the eternal truths of Isaiah’s God-encounter, helping them to:

➢ Receive God's help
➢ Trust God’s loving sovereignty
➢ Accept God’s purpose
➢ Embrace God's Body and discover union with Christ
➢ Live above time in God's NOW

Journaling exercises and prayer models guide the disillusioned believer into a glorious destiny in Christ.


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