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In 2015, Pastor Lisa delivered an important teaching series to MDCC over several months entitled Dominion in the Home. It was, and has continued to be, a foundational series for understanding God’s patterns of authority and its imperative expression through fathers and mothers for the raising of children who are to become God’s “sons of the Kingdom.” Filled with strong Biblical teaching, funny anecdotes, and loads of practical advice, Dominion in the Home tears down the cultural stigmas around authority as Pastor Lisa reveals the full authority resident in God’s Triune Personhood — and therefore in us in Christ with dominion in and over our homes.

Whether pre-marriage, in the throes of childrearing, or an empty-nester, Dominion in the Home will strengthen you as a person in Christ. In Him we are filled with God’s authority and are charged to lead our homes and families boldly forward in the authority of Christ Jesus.


  • "Dominion in the Home" - Pastor Lisa Dresser
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