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God preached the gospel to Abraham, made a covenant to bless all nations through his Seed, and promised to undo societal curses caused by sin. By sending Jesus to the cross and raising Him to be a Great King Priest, God guaranteed that His government on earth will not fail. By sending the Spirit in power, God has been executing His plan and building up His move through the centuries. Now in 2019, God is releasing a wave of faith to the church to help her inherit a Kingdom move that transforms individuals, families, and nations like never before.

The Fall 2019 Cross Immersion is for believers who want in on this move of God.

Through two days of worship, biblical teaching and preaching, prophetic impartation, and testimonies, you will experience the gospel coming from heaven that activates you in...
- Hearing God's voice
- Exercising the gift of faith
- Knowing the truth of your death in Christ
- Leaving dysfunctional sin patterns of the old man inherited through your family of origin
- Believing that you have Christ's resurrection power within and are joined to the Trinity
- Receiving a righteous, heavenly new man wiring direct from God as your Father
- Moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
- Going outward to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom
- Becoming part of the glorious, overcoming church that Jesus is building at the end of the age to inherit the Kingdom of God


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