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Part 1 in the Believer's Manual Series. The sixth chapter of the book of Romans connects believers to the power of God that creates a spiritual core that is jointly crucified, buried and raised with Christ. Those who know this union with Christ can live a glorious existence that is dead to sin, alive to God, under grace, ordered by power, manifesting righteousness, enslaved to obedience, and filled with eternal life.

The Romans 6 Transformation Manual leads individuals and small groups step-by-step through this powerful chapter of the Bible. Assignments and activations engage believers with God’s agents of transformation — the Word and the Spirit — that open up revelation, lead to encounters with Christ, and cause the spiritual realities of Romans 6 to become life experience. Multiple translations and paraphrases of Romans 6 capture the truth with freshness. The Manual is a must for believers who long to overcome and for leaders seeking to lay the foundation of Christ that creates a victorious church.


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