• Image of "Prophetic Encounters with the Cross" - Peter Dresser
  • Image of "Prophetic Encounters with the Cross" - Peter Dresser

What will turn a defeated believer into an overcomer? What will revolutionize a lukewarm congregation into a fiery, Kingdom authority center? What will break up the impotent foundation of the cross set in place by human wisdom and lay the power base of Jesus Christ crucified, buried, and risen?

Prophetic encounters with the cross — like those experienced by the men and women at Pentecost and by the early apostles — are God’s gift today to transform believers into the image of Christ and to move the church into her glorious 21st century destiny.

Discover that the entire Bible is an invitation from God into prophetic encounter with Christ’s death and resurrection. Receive faith through the extraordinary stories of everyday believers who are experiencing the power of the cross. Follow the scriptural steps and activations and have your own Holy Spirit-led encounters!


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