• Image of POP! A Popcorn Parable - Ryan Fluetsch & Perry Kuey

In this simple and approachable children’s book, your child or grandchild will hear afresh about the unstoppable power of God's Good News!
All people were once like “Lou the Seed” -- sinful, sad, small and scared. But, by the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ, God makes men, women, boys and girls like brand new creations like “Tony the Popcorn” --blameless, big and bold -- boasting of God's awesome work to our family and friends.

Also, to aid you in going deeper with your children, at the end you will find some of the Bible verses that undergird this simple story. As your child or grandchild has questions about a page, you can use these verses as a launching pad to dig in and expound on God's Good News. The approachable story of POP! provides you with a fun and simple forum to talk about the Truth and to see the Gospel take deeper root in them.


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