• Image of “All Hail King Jesus” - MDCC Worship

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In this first release from the worship community at Metro Detroit Christian Church (MDCC), listeners will hear songs of power that are rooted in the resolve to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified (1 Cor. 2:2). Only 4 songs in length, this EP facilitates worship in spirit in truth. The title track, “All Hail King Jesus” declares the effects of the finished work of Christ on each believer, leading to genuine expressions of freedom in Christ and victory over death. “Jesus Lord Over All” continues the theme of Christ’s supremacy as King seeing Him seated on His throne victorious. “Unto You” lightens the mood musically, yet still makes the weighty declaration that Christ “did it all in one fell swoop”. “Holy”, the final track, is a slow ballad of worship, leading the Bride to say with the Spirit, “Your Kingdom come!”. MDCC’s first release demonstrates the growth and maturity that come from being in the Body of Christ and encourages every believer to continue in the truth.

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