• Image of FALL 2018 Cross Immersion Teachings

Transformed Lives in the Age of Righteousness

The cross of Jesus accomplished way more than we have currently known. Through death, Christ condemned the power of sin in the human body and destroyed the devil. Through His resurrection and ascension, Christ cleansed the heavens, opened the gates of righteousness, and poured out the power of the Kingdom of God. Christ's reign of righteousness on earth is here and increasing! This almost-too-good-to-be-true gospel is transforming anyone who will believe.

At the Fall 2018 Cross Immersion, we pressed the envelope to obtain more of the power of this great gospel. These MP3s capture the teaching from the two days of worship, biblical teaching, testimonies, and prophetic impartation. You too will be empowered to...
- See God's Lamb
- Know by experience what Jesus did on the cross
- Handle the very righteousness of God
- Receive the unfathomable power of the Holy Spirit
- Experience great joy and express it to God in glorious worship
- Enter and believe in God's unseen, unstoppable Kingdom


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