Jesus' work on the cross is not simply a revelation for new Christians. A fresh word from heaven concerning Christ and Him crucified keeps every believer unstuck and moves the church into greater things. This is the kind of activity that will be released at the Fall 2017 Cross Immersion.

Through two days of worship, biblical teaching, testimonies, and prophetic impartation, Jesus will help you progress in sonship and cause the church to increase in stature. As you internalize the Message of the Cross this weekend, you will experience...
-The Power of God invading your time to nullify the law code, break the power of sin, disarm principalities, destroy your old man, and lift curses
-The Love of the Father strengthening your inner man and forming Christ within
-The Spirit of the Son being imparted directly into your heart and adopting you as a mature son
-The Voice from heaven shaking religious principles and establishing you in the Kingdom
-The Teaching of Christ increasing your authentic level of authority over the demonic realm

As each believer is strengthened with might, the church in our region will rise collectively to be the true tabernacle in heaven, a mighty city in the Spirit, the very dwelling place of God. Impotence and barrenness will break. Rejoicing and shouting will be heard. God will reveal His sons and daughters. Don't miss it!


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